GMG DotProof

The digital halftone proof – more than a contract proof
Unlike many competitor products, GMG DotProof produces a genuine, color-accurate halftone proof in GMG’s well-known contract proof quality. Why a halftone proof? In platesetting, parameters like screen, overprinting and trapping settings, as well as correction curves, have a decisive influence on the subsequent printed result. Should problems occur at this point, such as an unfavorable screen angle, incorrect trapping or overprinting settings, and also interpretation errors, this can only be detected at an early stage by means of a halftone proof created with the original imagesetter data. A halftone proof is also indispensable for printing processes using coarse screening, since this has a major influence on the visual impression. GMG DotProof allows direct processing of 1-bit imagesetter data, so that they can be inexpensively proofed on inkjet printers, and errors detected before platesetting or the start of a press run. The GMG DotProof XG (Extended Gamut) module is an additional option which enables users to make the most of the expanded color gamut of Epson Stylus Pro x900 and HP Designjet Z3200 printers. Far more spot colors can be simulated in a halftone proof (GMG DotProof XG option).


Your benefits
  • increased production reliability
  • higher productivity
  • true ROOM concept (Rip Once, Output Many)
  • cutting costs, e.g. no imperfect prints, less paper waste