GMG ColorProof

Proofing is easier than ever with the complete solution for the toughest quality demands!

GMG ColorProof 5.1 is a completely revised version of the company’s highly successful and multiple award winning proofing software GMG ColorProof o4 and is well-known for the provision of best possible quality and color accuracy when producing contract proofs.

Functions and advantages at a glance

The new, intuitive user interface makes Proofing easier than ever
All important functions are arranged in logical groups and recognizable at a glance. 75% of the typical tasks can now be directly handled when files are selected for proofing. Every job is displayed on the user interface and can be treated.

Total quality assurance thanks to the Proof Standard technology and calibration sets
The predefined GMG Proof Standards and the calibration sets enhance production reliability and cost savings. The user now only has to select the appropriate Proof Standard. The rest is handled automatically by GMG ColorProof. A Proof Standard defines all parameters necessary for correct, color accurate proofs:

  • the printing standard to be simulated (ISO, SWOP, in-house standard, etc.),
  • the corresponding GMG color profile (MX4) or ICC profile,
  • the medium used for proofing,
  • the printer used for printing,
  • the calibration set used.


The calibration sets include among other things all calibration files (MX3) for the different measuring instruments, necessary printer settings, quality criteria and tolerances for printer calibration.

The software selects automatically the profile and calibration for a certain printer including the appropriate paper. If the parameters do not match the actual settings, the job is automatically stopped for checking. Therefore, possible sources of error, such as incorrect printing settings, calibration files or color profiles, are reduced dramatically.

Filter rules for automated production
Filter rules enable various workflows with different processing steps to be assigned to one hotfolder. The user can put all files in one single hotfolder – GMG ColorProof automatically handles the correct further processing.

Other new features in GMG ColorProof are e.g.:

Remote Proofing – Softproofing – Load Balancing – Optimized combined form function

The new user interface and the ergonomic improvements of GMG ColorProof o5 are correspondingly implemented in GMG DotProof and GMG FlexoProof.