GMG ProofControl

Verify your proofs within seconds GMG ProofControl guarantees reliable and complete quality control of digital color proofs based on a defined standard. This is the only way to ensure that the proof simulates the subsequent printing process as accurately as possible. Marginal anomalies and errors occurring on the proof printer can be detected early on. […]


GMG FlexoProof

The proofing standard for the flexo and packaging markets The product portfolio in flexo and packaging printing is characterized by far greater substrate and spot color diversity. Consequently, the demands on a digital proofing system are also higher in the packaging sector. GMG sets quality standards in this field with its GMG FlexoProof software, which is specifically […]

GMG DotProof

The digital halftone proof – more than a contract proof Unlike many competitor products, GMG DotProof produces a genuine, color-accurate halftone proof in GMG’s well-known contract proof quality. Why a halftone proof? In platesetting, parameters like screen, overprinting and trapping settings, as well as correction curves, have a decisive influence on the subsequent printed result. Should […]

GMG ColorProof

Proofing is easier than ever with the complete solution for the toughest quality demands! GMG ColorProof 5.1 is a completely revised version of the company’s highly successful and multiple award winning proofing software GMG ColorProof o4 and is well-known for the provision of best possible quality and color accuracy when producing contract proofs. Functions and advantages […]

Epson stylus pro 4880


Epson Stylus Pro 4880 : impression noir et blanc et couleur de qualité supérieure

La technologie d’encre Epson UltraChromeK3 Vivid Magenta unique vous apporte le meilleur en matière d’impression noir et blanc et couleur.